How to Input Data

General Input Screen:

When you use ValuePro 2002, the General Input Screen for ABC Corporation is the first screen to appear.  The General Input Screen is the screen that you input your initial estimates for the company to determine its intrinsic stock value. Your estimates to the valuation program should be input in the following manner:

Company Ticker- input ticker symbol of the company that you are valuing (e.g. MSFT).

Excess Return Period (years)-input in number of years (e.g. 10= 10 years) in your excess return period.

Revenues ($mil), Short-Term Assets ($mil), Short-Term Liabilities ($mil), Value of Debt Outstanding ($mil), Value of Preferred Stock Outstanding ($mil)- input in numbers as millions of dollars and do not input $ sign or commas (e.g. 1040= $1,040 million).

Growth Rate (%), Net Operating Profit Margin (%), Tax Rate (%), Depreciation Rate (%of Rev.), Investment Rate (%of Rev.), Working Capital (%of Rev.)- input data in decimal form.  For example, if your estimate for Revenue Growth Rate is 10.5% per year, your input would be 10.5.  If your estimate for Net operating Profit Margin is 26.7%, your input is 26.7.

Stock Price- input in number and decimal form in dollars and do not input $ sign or commas (e.g. 60.25= $60.25).

Shares Outstanding (mil)- input in number and decimal form in millions of shares and do not use commas (e.g. 75= 75 million shares and 1532= 1billion 532 million shares).

10-year Treasury Bond Yield (%), Bond Yield Spread to Treasury (%), Preferred Stock Yield (%), Equity Risk Premium (%)- input data in decimal form.  For example, if your estimate for the 10-year Treasury Bond Yield is 5.81%, your input is 5.81.

Company Beta- input data in whole number and decimal form. For example, if the beta estimate for Microsoft is 1.44, the input is 1.44= 1.44.  If the beta estimate for Chevron is .58, the input would be .58= .58.

Weighted Average Cost of Capital- This number is calculated in the Program and is based on your previous inputs.  You can override this calculation by inputting your own estimate in decimal form. If your WACC estimate is 8.31%, input 8.31.

Custom Valuation Input Screen:

This screen is used to change operating assumptions during the Excess Return Period regarding the company's Growth Rate, Net Operating Profit Margin, Tax Rate, Investment Rate, Depreciation Rate, Working Capital Rate, and Weighted Average Cost of Capital. All of the inputs on this screen are in decimal form.  For example, if you believe that the company's Revenue Growth Rate will be 15% for 5 years and decrease to 12% for the next 5 years, your input for the Revenue Growth Rate on the General Input Screen is 15, and your input on the Custom Valuation Input Screen for the Revenue Growth Rate column in Period 6 is 12.  The 12% will carry down in that column until you make another change or until the end of the Excess Return Period.

You are able to make individual changes to any cell in the Custom Valuation Input Screen to customize your valuation.  The resulting change in the intrinsic value of the Company's stock is instantly reflected at the top of the screen and shown in depth on the ValuePro 2002 Custom Pro Forma Screen.