File Operations

Saving Valuations:

To save hard drive memory space and in working within the confines of a canned baler program, we have developed a slightly different way to save and retrieve valuation files.  After you've input your data into the General Input Screen and Custom Input Screen, to save the valuation click on the File command on the ValuePro 2002 toolbar, and click on Save Valuation Data As....  A Put Version Screen comes up, type in the File Name box a file name not to exceed 8 letters and numbers (e.g. msft1223 to represent your valuation for Microsoft on December 23rd). Click on OK. The Program will prompt you with a Put Version Options screen with 'Input Cells' checked as the default option.  Click on OK. Always use this option as it takes far less memory.  This will save the valuation that you just performed.

Retrieving Valuations:

To retrieve a previously saved valuation, click on the File command on the ValuePro 2002 toolbar, and click on Open Valuation File.  A Get Version Screen comes up with a listing of saved valuations in the left hand column. Place the cursor on the valuation that you wish to retrieve (e.g.msft1223.bdt) and double click on it. The valuation will load and the General Input Screen for that valuation will immediately be displayed. You can navigate around the valuation and change any assumptions and resave it with the same file name or with a different file name by using the Save Valuation Data As commands.

Deleting Valuations:

To delete valuations that you previously have saved, close the ValuePro 2002 Program. Double click on the My Computer command on your desktop. Double click on your C (hard) drive.  Double click on Vp2002 folder.  Move cursor to the valuation that you want to delete (e.g.msft1223.bdt).  Single click with right mouse button.  Move cursor to delete command.  Click left mouse button.  You'll receive a prompt if you're sure you want to send 'msft1223.bdt' to Recycle bin. Click Yes and your file is deleted.