Downloading Data from the Web Site

Our ValuePro 2002 software can input data downloaded directly from the web site. This feature is a great time-saving starting point for a valuation. Only the initial baseline data that is brought up from our website is included in the download file.

Warning: Don't download valuation data onto your computer unless you have the ValuePro 2002 software on that computer.

Your Web Browser:

The downloading process is heavily dependent on how your web browser downloads data into your computer and where you save that data for subsequent use.

The success of the download depends on your web browser. We have tested data downloads on Netscape Communicator 4.7, Netscape 6.1 and Internet Explorer 5.5 Service Pack 2 and Internet Tools and the download process and use in the ValuePro 2002 has worked. On earlier Internet Explorer versions, downloading data has not worked properly and the text file was opened by the browser and not properly downloaded and saved.

**Point 1: If you are having a problem downloading files from, you can probably solve your problem by going to:

(1)    for Netscape, go to web site:  and download their most recent version (at least 6.1) for free;

(2)    for Internet Explorer go to web site:  and download their most recent version (at least 5.5 Service Pack 2 and Internet Tools) for free.

**Point 2: If your primary web browser has a problem with the data download, then try a different web  browser.

Download Procedure:

Type a stock symbol into the slot on the home page, click the Get Baseline Valuation button and use our online valuation service to value a stock. If you want to save the baseline valuation associated with that stock, click the 'Download Data' button on our valuation page. The web site will send a text file, via a download command on your web browser, to your computer. A pop-up box should appear asking what the browser should do with the file. Check the "Save File to Disk" box and click on OK. Every browser will handle this a bit differently, but play around with it and it should work.

The browser will ask you where you want the file saved. Scroll down to "Local Disk [C:]" and double click; scroll down to the "vp2002" directory and double click. The name in the "File name" box should be the stock symbol, and in the "Save as type:" box should be "text" or "*.txt."  The file name should already be correct, so you should not need to change it.

Using Download Data:

To use the data that you have downloaded, open ValuePro 2002, click on the file command, click on the "Load Data File," and double click on the file that you want to work with. When you are done, save your valuation under the file sub command, "Save Valuation Data As" command. Your valuation will then be saved as a .bdt file and may be retrieved by the "Open Valuation File" command.