Getting the Needed Info

Where are the best places to go on the Internet to get the information that you need to value stocks and use the ValuePro Program? Our web site with its online valuation service is a good place to start.

When you value a stock of a company, the next place that you should visit for information is the company's own corporate Web site. At this site you can get the corporation's Annual Report, which contains its Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement, and its most recent quarterly earnings release. This will provide you with the bulk of the information that you need for valuing its stock.

The next set of sites that you should visit are Internet sites devoted to investment information. Some sites are free or partly-free and some provide information to subscribers only.  Good sites to get corporate betas and growth rates are America Online, Microsoft Investor, S&P Personal Wealth and Yahoo Finance. At most of these sites, either Zack's, First Call, or IBES act as the source of growth rate data.Warning: Academic studies have shown that analyst's forecasted growth rates have been upwardly biased.

Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Market Guide, Hoover's and Bloomberg Finance, among others, act as good sites to get valuation inputs relating to cost of capital, such as the risk-free Treasury yields, rates associated with preferred stock and corporate debt, shares outstanding, and current stock prices.